Our Story

We are Francesca & Eleanor, the people behind Ralph & Albert.

We are two friends who met through work within Veterinary Canine Rehabilitation. Over the years we have come across dogs of all shapes, sizes, and characters, and met with many owners to discuss their dogs personal needs. We noticed skin condition and coat health becoming a growing concern for owners, with skin conditions now becoming a common issue for most dogs.

As we know ourselves caring for our dogs skin and coat can be challenging, with overwhelming and differing solutions. Looking for our own dogs as well as our clients we wanted to find products that used natural ingredients, were simple to use yet had multiple purpose, and high quality. This was when Ralph & Albert was born.

Our brand is the namesake of our very own dogs. Ralph was Francesca's Golden Retriever, so the ultimate water baby, who loved the beach and camping. Being a senior dog he was always coming across a fair share of rashes, bites, ear infections and grazes. Albert is a young Cavapoo, who is always up to mischief. Keeping on top of coat condition and tear stains is crucial, but found other products either made his coat greasy or matted! Being owners ourselves we understand the importance of finding the right care products, that work whilst remaining 100% safe!

As a UK based small business we feel it is important to only source from other like-minded small businesses building relationships along the way, to understand our products and the ingredients we use. With a lot of research we have gone to every length to ensure we are keeping within our ethos. All our products are handmade by us, using ethically sourced, natural, and organic ingredients. Whilst high quality is at the forefront, we also pride ourselves on being cruelty-free and eco-friendly, from ingredients to labels. However, we are always looking to better ourselves!